The Mission

The VA Network is the one-stop for Area Vets. Here, Veterans can find discounts from local businesses & Information on Veteran-focused events. While Veteran-members enjoy exclusive benefits, they can also rest assured all business members of the VA Network have been vetted and have committed to the Network’s Code of Conduct, which focuses on truth, fairness, & value for Veterans.


We started VA Network because we recognized the need for trusted businesses and resources in the Veteran community. We wanted the Network to be a reliable place for Veterans (and active duty) to find current events, education opportunities, resources, and kick-ass discounts.

“We started VA Network as a way to streamline the benefits for veterans in the local community, along with the various events that take place. One place to go for all things Veterans is in the Tampa area. As a military spouse, it’s incredible to be able to help out in any way possible.”
Toni Hedstrom
“My husband Duane served, and it’s been the experience of a lifetime to be by his side. Our commitment to the local veteran community has always been there, and now with the VA Network, we can help even more.”
Selena Stamm
"After my time in the Marine Corps, I gained a passion for service and respect for this nation and those who served. I am dedicated to educating the community on Veterans and the gratitude they have earned while bringing new businesses to the Veteran community. I understand the need for trusted resources because of my military relationship and how often my family and I have moved. I truly believe that Tampa VA Network will be that trusted resource. Semper Fidelis."
Program Director
"I have always had an eye for design and creation. As the team's Marketing Director, my keen eye ensures that we are accessible to all Active Duty Military & Veterans! After hearing about Tampa VA Network, I instantly fell in love with the concept. Being able to help my local community by spreading the word about local businesses and helping our local Veterans of Tampa Bay is amazing!"
Marketing Director



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